being a parent is one of those things in life that no matter how many books you read or advice you're given - you never really feel prepared. lil' p is going through tantrums like most kids her age, but these are not the days I'd like to remember. things can change in an instant. here she is smiling and enjoying having her photo taken and some small minor thing will set her off and on the floor she goes and will lie there till she gets her way. I know that these days with my kids have taught me to be extremely patient, because I know in an instant she will get up, smile, kiss me as if nothing has happened.... hmm if everything in life could be that easy. I am signing off now - as I am off north.
enjoy your weekend friends. see you back monday! xxa


  1. She looks so adorable in that last photo. I know it's probably hard when she is like this, but seriously, she looks so feisty and cute!

  2. it like so many other stages of life pass by so quickly

  3. Hope your little break up north puts everyone in a good mood!

  4. She's so adorable. Hard to believe she is not always an angel.

    Camila Faria

  5. She's so cute!! I agree with Camila, is hard to belive she's not always an angel.
    Have a great time in muskoka! :-)

  6. Nice blog and very good work! congrats!


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