as some of you may know I have done ceramics in school and is starting a new ceramics line - I am happy to announce that I will be selling some of them at the one of a kind show here in toronto. every year that show is very successful for us and to be able to launch a new product is very exciting. I will have them in the bookhou shop as well as etsy. more on that later.
at one point in my life I dreamed about being a potter and living in the country. Timothy Smith has a studio near the cottage called gleason brook pottery. I'm sure if you were a ceramics student at sheridan you would of interned with him. his studio is above his shop and his lovely house is behind the kiln building. I sometimes wonder if I could be away from the city - I'm sure I would enjoy it in the warmer weather. if you go visit gleason brook pottery and timothy happens to busy - no worries, you can have a browse and make your own change.


  1. oh! I can't wait to see your new creations !

  2. i think you and your family would really love the rural life

  3. I took a pottery class last year and LOVED it. I dream of having my own little potting life in the country too! I will have to visit Timothy Smith's studio.

    Can't wait to see more of your ceramic work!

  4. hey, what about the bugs??

    his place is gorgeous!

  5. i'm excited to see your ceramics - i think your esthetic will pair very well with this medium. i have thought many times about trying out pottery...but then i wonder if i have too many hobbies already (and not enough time to do them all!).

  6. How exciting! I'm sure they will be beautiful! I'm signing up this week for a pottery class ... always been a fantasy of mine to integrate it into my work some day.


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