sorry for the mess-up with the coupon code - I didn't realize that it needed to be alphanumeric. I'm glad it still worked out for those of you who bought things. thanks so much for your support, it's greatly appreciated.
the stairs was put in a few days ago - john has a few things to do to the floors before we move in - I can't wait! - and some photos of the pieces I worked on for the washi show. I was in a hurry to frame them and didn't get a chance to photograph them without the glass - so much glare. more images on what's happening in the shop by margie from her quick visit a few days ago.
I will be spending my morning visiting a painter for the studio visit feature for b.a.h. issue 03
see you tomorrow xxa


  1. loved the little visit so much but I always enjoy seeing you and your family.
    I am thinking of not putting the glass on my shadow boxes at all because I want the birdies to be easily removable.

  2. I seriously can not wait b.a.h issue 3 !!! Looking forward to it ! oxoxo

  3. You have an AWEsome eye - in this post the image of the beautifully delicate pieces for the Washi show goes sooo well with the image of the stairs in the making. I am also looking forward to the big reveal. Good luck with the floors. Carolina

  4. It must be so exciting to get a whole new floor!

    I love your washi pieces!

  5. Love the artwork! Do you see that life imitates art in these two photos? Those stairs bear a marked resemblance to your artwork. Living life as art, way to go!


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