in the photo above is my sweet family enjoying a new room in the house - I know this may sound a bit cliche, but my biggest and best accomplishment in my life is raising these two amazing little people.
john working on our new tea towel - to be launched in b.a.h. issue no. 3 - I will also be introducing three new contributors.


  1. oh John ... John ... you are so talented, my goodness
    and what a sweet sweet photo of your three loved ones :) Precious.
    one thing we had in common : I share the same feeling about my biggest & best accomplishment in my life <3

  2. john's drawings: so perfect

    b/w family: so perfect (but where are you?)

  3. Very sweet...and of course that is a beautiful accomplishment!

  4. john is super talented
    and what a sweet picture of the three of them
    I am super excited for the next issue of bah!


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