the images above are modular stencil fonts (numbers) designed by Le Corbusier - they are approx. 2 x 1.5 in. - john also has the letters which he currently can't locate. I plan to do some graphite drawings using these and layering them. I love the quality of the zinc and the little angle part to make it easier to lift - plus I also like the nice little holder it comes with.
p.s. today marks 1000 posts - come back tomorrow for a giveaway!


  1. the photos in the post before the previous one did load .... I thought I was going to squeeze P through the screen .... ;-)
    my warmest congrats on the 1000th post, that's a whooooole lot !!
    sending you my warmest hugs xoxo

  2. 1000 absolutely amazing posts filled with inspiration and creativity !!
    thanks to all the bookhou family

  3. Congrats!! And thank you for 1000 wonderful amazing posts! :-)

  4. Corb is so classic. I love the font that #5.
    congrats on 1000! that's insane!

  5. I liked the stencil # 7. The cut is elegant. Congratulations for 1000 posts. It is a great work!


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