hello friends,
well I couldn't ask for a better weekend - I hope yours was good too. let's start the monday with my new cloud bag - many of you have asked for a snap or zipper on our popular tote bags and I decided to go with a zipper! - I really like the hand sewn handles on the day bag - so I decided to do the same on these new totes - I hope you like it - I can't wait to make more - I will be making more prints in this bag design - I am getting new screens this week so new patterns soon.
I don't know if I told you the stress I felt with the postal strike, here at bookhou we are a small business and can't afford to ship our orders with a large courier company - also I don't want our customers to pay so much. so yesterday I found out that the back-to-work legislation has passed and I will ship all my orders out tuesday. I am extremely happy that everyone was so understanding with the postal situation. john thought it was funny how everyday I would update him with all that was going on at the house of commons and I have too much political information in my head that I am happy to put to rest. so this week - there will be a few special things - firstly a giveaway (probably at the end of the week) and a HUGE sale - I'm gearing up for fall and I need to make space - plus I am plugging away at the magazine and have everything except our new product which john is working on now and I will show you a peek this week. so get your name on our email list if you want to get in on the sale or see the new b.a.h issue and if you are interested in more bookhou info please visit my facebook fan page.
I'll see you tomorrow, xxa!


  1. i have been stressed out about the strike too and am glad it is over- i will be happy to ship some items out to folks.

    i love the tote bag i got from you - it is perfect in every way. do you think you might ever do that shape with some natural dyed fabric?

  2. so glad you like your tote bag
    yes - very soon.

  3. the cloud bag is beautiful!!! I float just looking at it.

  4. That's a great bag!

    (And glad to hear that the stress is dissolving.. It's hard isn't it, that feeling of being powerless.)

  5. oh wow what a gorgeous bag, Arounna, your bags are better and better, if it was ever possible !
    glad for you & all your Canadian fellows that your postal strikes are over now, what a relief for everyone !
    Have a good week, busy bee !

  6. i saw that bag hanging beside the sink and fell in love instantly

  7. you do make the nicest bags
    such attention to detail
    I love the hand sewn handles - just stunning
    yeah for the mail to finally start, I can't wait to get my

  8. thanks everyone for your kind comments!
    I really appreciate you support.

  9. Hi Arounna. I'm afraid I sound like a broken record, but this bag is oh so pleasing! Especially the leather handles and zipper. I will be tuned in to the blog to see new colourways/patterns...if I don't break down and pick up this sweet little number first!


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