hello everyone,
it's the end of a busy week and I'm tired! - I think the heat makes me more tired than usual - I don't think I would survive living in parts of the world that are hot year round. I took this photo of lliam last week while he and piper were hanging out typing in the window. we set-up a little table with chairs and lliam called it his office and they would take turns dictating to each other while the other would type - did I tell you that lliam refers to the printing press and typewriter as a funny computer. I like having jars in the studio - sometimes it's helpful to have a container that is transparent - an important thing when there are times you spend more time looking.
I hope your week went well and that you have time to rest on the weekend.
I will take some time aside this weekend for little cat naps....promise ;)
thanks for visiting - bye for now! xxa


  1. I love the way L thinks (and the way children in general think) I wish I had had a lovely typewriter at his age, I would have spend so much time on it ! LOL
    if you came around (in my appartment) you'd see glass jars everywhere. Glass is beautiful, as much as wood. (IMO)
    Yes, try to take a little for yourself this weekend. For your goodness's sake ;-)

  2. gorgeous pictures of liam
    maybe he will be writing poetry soon as my son did at at young age
    i have been absolutely exhausted this week sleeping well and long even on those very hot nights with no air conditioning. I even slept right through a very severe thunder storm

  3. do get some rest: you've been going strong and steady as though it was Christmas!
    i love old fashioned "computers" although i've heard that schools are thinking of not teaching hand-printing or writing anymore.
    that would be awful

  4. I agree. The heat feels like it saps some energy up! Have a great weekend!


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