the good thing about staying up late is that when my head hits the pillow I am out. no tossing, turning - too tired to think. I had a busy day yesterday - thanks so much to alexx for all the clay pieces he made, and for giving me a tutorial on making my own decals. and a tiny peek at one of the porcelain wares I am in the midst of putting decals on.
when I returned to the studio I had an unexpected visit from nikole - it's always nice to see her and to catch up - she recently returned from visiting her parents out west. she brought me back a beautiful gift wrapped in linen from her dad lance. I admire lance's work so much - he is a true and genuine craftsperson - lance I will cherish this little beauty xx


  1. Oh so beautiful. Both the ceramics and the gift.
    leah x

  2. Hello, I did not know bookhou, everything is beautiful ! Wow, bravo :)

  3. how perfectly wonderful is that

  4. these are great, Arounna
    and the spoon...so special

  5. I'm a big fan of herriot grace, such a beautiful present
    you are very lucky.

    the porcelain work looks very exciting, I can't wait to see more!

  6. Lance is so pleased that Nikole gifted you that little spoon. Enjoy!

  7. what a lovely gift! I love the little HG stamped on the handle so much!

    your ceramics are coming together so nicely! Your decals are perfect on it! Can't wait to see them in store!

  8. what a beautiful spoon. I so admire what HG does. And the vase with the bookhou design, wow!


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