on the cover of bah mag issue 02 was this bentwood chair that john made - this particular chair will also have the option of coming with a removable felt cover. I am always in awe of john's craftsmanship - he spends so many long hours on his work. john never studied woodworking or furniture making - he is self-taught and employs his own methods and processes to make his work. since his background is in architecture he always refers to his furniture as small scale architectural structures.


  1. they are works of art
    and one day i hope to
    own one

  2. What a stunning piece of art.

  3. Beautiful & made with love (of form & wood). I too hope to own one one day.

  4. such fine craftsmanship..I'm a big fan of John's work!

  5. this chair is stunning
    john is a true talent

  6. Do you think they'd let me on the plane with that chair as my carry on? ;)


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