I tried the new patterns on the linen and made some products - I like how they turned out.
last night I was solo with the kids - john went to a special concert/awards ceremony held at the metropolitan united church - they were honouring two people who devoted their life to social justice - one of them being gordon lightfoot. those of you who don't know lightfoot - he's a folk music canadian legend.


  1. ray and i have loved gordon lightfoot and his music our entire lives
    the prints look fantastic

  2. just love the bird pattern

  3. Gordon Lightfoot's music is very special.. The prints are beautiful!

  4. I NEED that birdie pouch for my collection ;)

  5. they both turned out so beautifully
    the pillow is so bold and I love your pouches!

  6. ooh the little birds look fantastic on that pouch. i can't wait till my new fabric arrives in the mail!


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