hi everyone,
thanks again for participating in the giveaway - the winner is at swim-two-birds - congratulations! please send me your shipping address. I will have another giveaway soon.
the first photo is a quick photo of the attic space - there's still a lot of tools and debris - so more photos of the entire space soon. I couldn't get over how much light pours through the windows and I envision a space similar to the collection of images I found over at convoy tumblr (one of my favourite sites) - the only thing I don't like is that when you click on the images it doesn't link anywhere. a lot of eye candy. well let's see if I get there - will keep you posted on the progress.
I did a lot of printing the past few days, which means a lot of sewing is ahead of me.
wishing you a most beautiful weekend friends! xxa


  1. The skylights are so inspiring!

    I love the "dream" images you've found and have no doubt that you will create something equal, if not more beautiful.

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with your space
    we have an attic space and we just use it for storage
    because the ceilings are to low to stand up

    have a great weekend!

  3. i think the light is amazing
    have to have a peek next thursday , okay
    i think you and john will make it the most wonderful loft space
    i love the idea of including raw reclaimed or exposed beams. I drove by a farm yesterday where they dismantled a barn and the wooden beams are for sale if you might be interested
    btw you couldn't have picked a more talented winner.

  4. i totally agree with margie, nice winner!
    and a very nice place you will make the attic.
    have a wonderful weekend,


  5. How exciting! This is the most fun part of a remodel, fantasizing! I'm sure it will look even better than all the images.

  6. what a beautiful space!
    wow, can I visit...and then stay?



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