hi everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend - when your working from home and are a small business owner the days blur together and when you have a lot to do - there isn't a long weekend. john was in need of rest so he went north to visit with his parents. the weekend involved our kids being dote upon by their grandparents and john spent the weekend resting - and I spent it with uninterrupted work time. along with production work I am making time to work on pieces for some upcoming shows. for the living with washi show I was going to exhibit my attachment series, but I decided to switch gears and make the piece in the image above. I screen printed my lines print on the paper and once the patching is done I will be sewing backs on them to make them more object like. tomorrow I will show you details of the progress of the work I will be including in the winged migration show.
gotta run - enjoy your day friends! xxa


  1. ah, Arounna, you're ALWAYS a very busy bee !! I hope you don't overdo though & that you're healthy & having fun what you do !
    Thinking about you & the kids. Take care !

  2. love it already
    the washi paper piece that our classmate dyed with indigo was really interesting too (karyn posted some pics on flickr)

  3. amazing. i love your attachment series so much! the triangular piecing is so wonderful.

  4. I can't wait to see how these develop, they look amazing as they are!

  5. this looks lovely. i love a simple stripe used in interesting ways.


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