here are some wonderful results I got from my last day at my natural dye class - I'm a bad note taker and this result - more than likely won't be reproducible, which I don't mind - that's why I like experimenting with natural dyeing. hope your weekend's been good so far - I've been quietly working in doors from all the rain - there's a nice calm when it's raining out.
see you tomorrow. xxa


  1. stunning! cannot wait to see what you do with it

  2. whoa, those fabrics are just gorgeous. we are having rain here too on the other side of the country, a good weekend for crafting inside.

  3. i think it is raining all over, except in mexico and the south of france , maybe
    love your greys

  4. sorry for all the spring rain, my Canadian friends, I wish I could send you warm air & sun, in exchange of a little rain. It's always much needed over here.
    can't get enough of your dyeings, Arounna, they're all so beautiful !! oxox

  5. these turned out so great - gorgeous color.

  6. such beautiful results,you've inspired me to try natural dyeing. I would be hesitant to cut them up.


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