exciting times coming up in july - firstly this wonderful group show (more info to come) - and having some wonderful friends like sonia visiting from abroad - and the other - the talented geninne will be here at the bookhou studio/shop to teach a one day workshop. how incredible is that!
p.s. geninne designed the lovely invite.


  1. it will the most amazing show !!! And I can't believe I will be able to attend it & meeting you all, girls !!
    (I'm slightly fainting ahah)
    The invite is superb, Geninne did an awesome job with it, incorporating each of your birds.
    I seriously can't wait !! oxoxo

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing to do all together!If only you weren't so far away!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. what a line up
    wish I was closer to see it, I hope you will have lots of photos

  4. I'm still pinching myself! I can't believe I'll be going to meet you girls :) I can't wait!!!

  5. Wow. What an awesome group! I bet it's going to be a wonderful.


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