everywhere you look it is so lush and green from all the rain we've been having. my little garden is a bit neglected - the next sunny day there will need to be some time spent organizing and planting. I love the spring print and decided to make a linen poster/wall art from the image - also I get a lot of feedback from customers that they hang up the tea towel as wall art - but I thought putting the print on linen makes it just a bit more special. I put grommets on either top corner to prevent holes from hanging. please have a look at it over at the etsy shop.
next week I am approaching 1000 posts - so a giveaway is in order. btw did anyone notice the changes in etsy for uploading a product - wow so much faster.
enjoy the rest of your week. xxa


  1. Very nice wall display.
    Like flax!
    This is a material that adapts to any situation.
    Have a goog day

  2. it is perfect on linen as wall art
    and i didn't notice it was any faster when i had to upload 25 new stones last month, is it something brand new?

  3. I totally hang your linen as wall art! I hang the calendar for this year up on my wall (but I only taped it and it fell down). I LOVE the hardware you put on here! such a good idea! And it looks so clean and simple too.

  4. like CĂ©line, your calendar is on display on our walls
    I find totally brilliant the use of grommets for making wall art, it is just perfect ! You should make more of these, seasonal/themed/nature wall art.

  5. Love the grommets, what a good idea! I might have to do that on my Bookhou calendar...

  6. thanks everyone - always kind words

    margie - this was recently - yesterday.


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