yesterday an unexpected gift arrived from sonia and I love it! - a beautifully made sachet with lovely lavender (my favourite) - it came in a drawstring bag - it was also a nice surprise to see my grass fabric make an appearance - I'm so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful friend. when I was younger I use to put lavender sachets under my pillow to help me sleep, but this one is too pretty to live under my pillow.
sonia will be visiting margie and I this summer from france and I am so excited to meet her - I'm sure there will be crafting involved during our time together. thanks sonia!!xx


  1. A very sweet friend indeed. You will have a wonderful time together :)

  2. Hi
    i like your work,i think have so much sutil and delicate.

    have a nice day

  3. sonia is one of the sweetest women on earth and so are you arounna. I can't imagine what it will be like to have the two of you together to make, chat and share with.

  4. oh Arounna, I am so happy it reached you safely ! And that you liked it ! it was really nothing, but wanted you to have it !
    I am really really looking forward to meeting you, and to have a blast with you all & Margie. It's making me over excited, it's hard to bear the excitement now LOL
    you are so welcome for this tiny little gift, your print makes the whole thing for sure !
    lots of love, Arounna ! oxoxox
    (PS : Joanie & Margie, thanks so much for your loving words my friends)

  5. I have that same fabric
    will you be making more?


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