today I am going on my first school trip with lliam - we are off to the textile museum of canada - when I got the permission slip from the school it said - purpose of excursion: "students will explore textiles as works of art, expanding their knowledge of elements of design" - pretty awesome! it's also a special day today because my sweet lliam is turning 5 - it feels like such a long time ago when we welcomed him into our lives. lliam is a very smart boy, he has a wonderful sense of humour like his dad and he has a curiousity about the world around him. sometimes he says the most surprisingly astute things.
one day while putting him to bed and we were chatting - all of a sudden he said
"why am I special?" (because his grandmother beryl mentions it to him often)
john said because we love him and such
he dismissed the simplicity of what john said
and went off on his own thought and said
"I think I'm special because mommy made me" and went on to say "she printed me on paper made of skin" and referring to john "you drew on top of me, because you like to draw and she filled me with blood and bones"
enjoy your weekend friends. xxa


  1. what a great photo! i am so excited to hear about lliams field trip, how wonderful!!!
    i also love hearing his explanation of why he is so special, what a great and vivid image it invokes!
    what a smart and creative boy!!!


  2. Wow..love what he said! He is a special, smart boy! :)

  3. so lovely, happy birthday to him :)

  4. best wishes Lliam: you are special because of the way you think!
    lots of love from Art and "Barb"

    have a great day at the museum
    (this is the best picture yet, Arounna)

  5. you are special because you are
    happy day liam

  6. Happy birthday to you Liam. How nice that mommy gets to share a trip to a wonderful place with you - a treat for her too.
    I love your description of why your special :)

  7. don't you just love the things that children say? Happy Birthday to Liam!

  8. happy birthday Lliam!
    what a wonderful story
    enjoy the birthday weekend

  9. Wow! You should make a children's book with those exact words, Arrouna.

  10. bonjour bookhou! la parole des nos enfants donne souvent naissance a un monde "nouveau".

    J'aime leur poesie! ça nous fait renaître!

    Bon wekend!

  11. oh Liam, you are indeed extra special, so wise for your young age. You have the best models & the cutest sis too ;-)Happy Birthday To You, big boy !
    Arounna, enjoy every second with your little ones, they grow oh so fast. (I know, it sounds like cliché, but it is true)
    have a terrific weekend, you all !

  12. Feliz cumpleaños, Liam! He is special indeed. And so is little P. Have a great weekend! :-)

  13. thanks everyone for your kind comments
    I read each one to lliam

  14. That little story about your son made me tear up! What a beautiful way to think about how you were created. I think there is a poem in there :)


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