this week I've been up to my eyeballs in fabric - I remember when I first started this business - going into a fabric store and finding it hard to order 10 metres of fabric - fussing and wondering if I would ever use it all - now my orders for fabric is in the hundred of metres - and what fascinates me is not the quantity I order, but the fact that I use it up within a few months. john is my go to guy for moving these large rolls.
I am doing a little experimenting for some very special new items. not sure from the photos if you guessed it - but I will be making bags and such from japanese paper. I'm pretty excited about this - there's still a lot of prototyping, but this treated paper "material" is pretty durable, I will explain more when I'm further along on the project. also now that the big show is over I am updating our website, so expect to see some of the new items like the sprout, anemone and smokebush designs in the storage boxes and pillows up on the site. sorry for the delay - it's hard being the maker and web developer. I feel I need a change and I'm getting a shorter hairdo - I think that I will have to get a photograph of myself with this new haircut for the upcoming b.a.h. mag.


  1. the way you have photographed it, this paper looks like fabric ! like a slightly wrinkled fine linen !
    Have a great Friday, Arounna & family, and then a super nice weekend ! xoxo

  2. this is a natural!
    the paper looks great; how large will you go.

    tea sounds great

  3. I love this paper and from your start I imagine gorgeous items coming soon!
    You made me smile, I play with handmade jewelry and you reminded me when I had big thinking if buy or not a strand of beads :)

  4. These sound fabulous...so delicate and pretty:) I look forward to seeing the finished product and your new hair cut!

  5. I've been wearing short-short hair since a few years before I got married...it's SO comfortable, and it's wonderful to have one less thing to fuss about ;)
    Love the paper bags you're making, can't wait to see what they'll become.

  6. I've been considering a shorter hairdo myself. I have not yet been able to decide on a style. How short to go? I can hardly wait for the Japanese paper items! I am a handmade papermaker and have the same affection for paper as you do for fabric. I'm sure they'll be fabulous-I'll have to move quickly to purchase some because I am sure they'll be snatched up in no time!


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