midori's needle felting workshop hi everyone,
hope your weekend was lovely - we enjoyed ourselves even with the bizarre weather. In our part of the city we saw snow falling for most of the morning - huh? anyways one of the highlights of my weekend was the wonderful time I had in midori's needle felting workshop - she was so kind and knowledgable and it was definitely a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon. midori is going to japan for a few months and upon her return we will have more workshops (sign up for our list - to be notified) - in future workshops we will explore wet felting. I really like how all our bunnies were so different from each other (mine is the one on the far left). I am addicted to needle felting and off I was to buy roving. in the workshop we used this lovely sheeted felt that midori bought in japan and it's similar to craft felt, but much better quality. I asked her to bring lots back.
enjoy your day friends - the magazine is taking shape - so if your not on the list - please sign up! xxa


  1. Looks like so much fun- I really wish there were local needle felting workshops where I live! I've always wanted to learn. Those bunnies are very adorable :)

  2. How cute! I love needle felting, it is one of the things that started me in fiber art... looks like you had a great time!

  3. love the bunnies and yours is especially wonderful with it's extra long ears. Makes me want to search for my needle felting supplies this coming weekend.
    Not fun to go from 16 degrees and sunshine in cambridge this weekend , home to 0 degrees and snow!!!
    Not fun at all.

  4. the bunnies are ever so cute! I've done a bit of needle felting and love doing it!


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