hi everyone,
I hope you had a good start to your week - thanks once again to everyone who came by to say "hi" and to all of you that made a purchase at my booth. your support contributed to a very successful show. I always enjoy bringing home empty bins. during the take down on sunday - john and I have an ongoing joke that we feel like we are in a race when we dismantle. this time was our all time record - we were loaded on our car within 35 minutes and home in 10 minutes - less than an hour - after eight years of doing these craft shows it's paying off. I spent my day yesterday packaging online orders to be shipped out today and organizing all the wholesale orders that were on hold while I was at the show. I plan to get it all done this week and spend the next few months getting ready for my next craft show and also building inventory. I will also be working on new products. I did these drawings during the craft show and I will be incorporating them into my next series of artwork.
hope you have a great day! xxa


  1. Gorgeous drawings!

    Warmly, Anna

  2. i hope you take a little time to go outside and smell the dirt and see the grass and flowers just beginning to grow. Looking forward to seeing your new art work. The sketch looks really great.

  3. These are beautiful sketches! They inspire me to break out my pens and put something to paper again.

  4. These are stunning. I really love the quality of the lines and the energy and movement of the pattern. Will you make screen prints out of these?

  5. thanks everyone!

    hi madeleine
    no - I won't be - they will part of my embroidered collage series. thanks for asking.

  6. Great photos and drawings. It was really great being your booth-neighbour at the show. Hopefully again in a future show.

    Your take-down-load-out time is unbelievable. I didn't even see it. I turned around and you and John were done and gone. Pretty awesome!



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