I feel like this week was a bit of a marathon - my large alphabet wholesale order was sent out today - getting things out of the shop is always a big relief. I am working on a big project that I will reveal hopefully next week - those of you who signed up for the bookhou list and got the first newsletter know what I'm talking about - it is looking really good - I can't wait to share it with all of you. the people who are on the list will get a sneak peek before I post it here.
above images:
-playing around with the pattern of letterpress off-cuts
-table linens nicely packaged
-a sweet new tea towel saying "hi - I'm going to be part of a's giveaway next week"
I get a lot of visits from blog readers in our shop and the first thing most people say is - I don't know how you get so much done with two kids, the shop, business etc. those who know me well know that I am a bit (a lot) of a workaholic. it's a good thing if you have a gazillon things you need done, not so good when you don't have a lot of sleep. my goal this week was to go to bed by midnight, but that didn't happen. it's strange how your body adapts and you can survive on little sleep, I know I can't keep this up. I figure I can sleep when I'm really old. when I was a student in university I pulled a lot of all nighters - I guess a lot of us did. I remember a friend from NSCAD (Rory) who is now head of the ceramics department there - we would pull an all nighter on friday nights because the farmers market would start at 6am and we would be too tired to wake up that early to get first dibs on all the good stuff. so we figured we would stop working in time to go to the market and go home and sleep. it's crazy what you do in your twenties.
enjoy your weekend everyone! - I will try to get some sleep on the weekend (promise). come monday we will have a giveaway, so come back - I was recently checking my stats and I get around 2000 visits a day - that's insane - who are you all? thanks for making me part of your day! xxa


  1. beautiful bird, lovely pictures, so many people reading your blog, I understand all of them, I am just a Bookhou addict ! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things...

  2. hi arounna, I am Christien, one of your blog readers, nice to meet you...;-). I have followed your blog for 2-3 years now and I also wonder: how does she do it? You are a driven person, enjoying your work, probably because it is your passion, and isn't that a wonderful thing???
    byebye from the Netherlands, Christien

  3. ah !!! so now we know your secret !!! you hardly ever sleep !! naughty girl, I wonder how you manage to do it all with few hours sleep. I hope you'll be able to get more of it this weekend. (remember, you promised !! LOL)
    everything looks super perfect, way to go, you.
    Have a great Friday, Arounna. Big hugs to you & the babes. xoxo

  4. I'll introduce myself too! I'm Blythe. I'm also a NSCAD grad living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a mother of a 9 month old and a textile artist, I am so inspired by what you have achieved. I'm lucky if I can get supper made in a day, let alone get into my studio! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

  5. Oooh, that birdie is looking very sweet. And I love the stacks of linens.

    I had guessed you run well on little sleep.
    I also run on very little sleep, always have (not necessarily well). I call 6 hours a good night even though I strive for 8 it never happens. I savour early mornings and late nights when the house is quiet. Perhaps regular, short siestas would help :)

  6. you are my inspiration

    when i can't talk, i can still visit

  7. i am surprised it isn't 2,00,000 visits a day , you are that amazing!!!
    I love to stop by and see the beauty on your posts.
    You are driven, yes but also so calm, friendly and sweet. I want all of those readers to know that.
    Hope to see you soon.

  8. I love the photo of you playing with letter press cut offs - possibility of art in anything. I've followed your blog for maybe close to two years now. I'm a fiber artist in San Francisco and the way your store, your art and your children blend together is very inspirational, in a yes it can be done kind of way. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I always start my day with visiting your blog
    I love everything you do
    you bring a grounded warmth to your approach
    I think if I knew you in real life
    we would be good friends
    enjoy some much needed sleep!

  10. Ah ha! The secret is out! Please tell me you live above your store and studio, that's got to help. I don't know what I'd do if my studio was offsite.

  11. thanks everyone your all so sweet and I appreciate your support.

    yes kathryn we live above the shop
    it's the only way we can make it work during late nights.

  12. such a gorgeous bird!!!! love it!!! Have a nice week end

  13. Hi!
    i try so hard to go to bed later than 9 pm... but I get up early each morning, to compensate! we also live above our business, it helps with a man who begins his work at 3 am!!

    love your work. my eyes are delighted.

  14. Hey, how did a miss a newsletter sign up? Sign me up!

    I agree, - those images look very inspiring!

  15. Hey A, I'm on your list but i to didn't get the newsletter FYI. I decided I am not as successful because I love sleep way more than working...lol...sorry I missed you at TAP this time, you need two of you.

  16. hi sandy
    I think you signed up just after I sent it
    I hope TAP went well.

  17. i am mama to a 5 yr old boy & 8 month old girl living in new jersey...a sometimes maker that is striving to do more...i love visiting your blog each day...it brings inspiration, encouragment and somehow, even with your nonstop pace, a sense of calm...so thank you for that! oh, and i love knowing i am not the only one whose bedtime hovers around the 2am mark!


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