I've got to catch up on sleep - I am so tired - it's so hard when your kids are sick - not just the physical stuff they go through, but they are just so unhappy - which in turn makes you unhappy. today is a new day - and he is getting better, but ever since he's started kindergarten it seems that he gets sick more often - they all pass around their germs. I don't know if I've mention this before, but I rarely get colds - john thinks I'm a freak of nature. he still doesn't know how I function without coffee in the mornings. I remember going about 8 years without nothing not even a headache - I'm fortunate I guess - in turn it makes me have a low tolerance to pain - which is not such a good thing especially when your going through child labour.
the image above is paintings I did about 10 years ago - I mixed each of the colours to be different tones of sepia ink. the exercise was to create compositions restricted to it's size and based on a grid. these are hanging in my bedroom and as I lay in bed I keep staring at them and think I want to do something with the imagery I created. I am thinking of recreating similar pieces but with my natural dyed fabric. I will do some on the weekend and hopefully have something to show you. tomorrow I will have pictures to show you of a new pattern.


  1. Please rest Arounna. Take care of yourself...spend some quiet time with your children at home. Rest with them.

    We will happily wait days before enjoying your next creations.

  2. i can see how you'd want to apply the natural dye to do similar compositions: in a way, it is also similar to what you'd done for the Capacity show.

    it's a drag when the kids are sick: do i ever remember those days!
    but it will make them stronger.

  3. Kids do get other children's viruses especially in kindergarten!I hope yours get well soon!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. I feel your pain, Arounna! It's so true about K sickness. This year has been brutal for us too. I've lost count to how many different illnesses have come home this year. Crazy! Rest up!
    The pictures are beautiful. I would love to see them closer. What a beautiful idea.

  5. The change in time screwed up my sleeping completely. Glad to hear he's feeling a bit better.

  6. maybe when i visit tomorrow,you can go take a nap

  7. Hope he gets well fast. And that all of you at your home feel ok and rested soon. Best wishes for you guys! :-)

    PS: Those paintings are really nice. Can´t wait to see with your natural dyed fabric.

  8. ugh, sorry about the early years' germs ... unfortunately all children have to go through to build themselves immunity :( I hope they will feel better soon & back to their happy selves :) xoxo

  9. i walked by the shop on wednesday night on my way home from somewhere and saw you toiling away in the back workspace. it was only when i got home that i realized this must have been at least four in the morning. we probably both need more rest.


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