hi everyone,
we had a busy weekend - lliam had two birthday parties - his grandfather took him to one and I the other. the one I went to had a magician - I thought at first (a bit corny) - but he was actually really good - I couldn't figure out his tricks - I thought it would be obvious. I was clapping like a kid saying out loud (that's amazing!). I was also busy printing and sewing our new spring tea towel - check it out at the bookhou shop or the b.a.h. etsy shop. I looooove it to pieces - john did such a superb job with the drawings and the image printed beautifully on the hemp/organic cotton fabric - you won't be disappointed. when I was getting the image printed on my film - a guy standing at the counter said - that image makes me think of spring and I said "your absolutely correct!".
a BIG thank you to all of you for your super sweet comments on my labour of love - I am giving you all a virtual hug. the winner of the giveaway is L'Atelier Reve - a big congratulations! - please email me with your shipping address and I will send it out to you right away.
it's been a rough three days for the people of japan - my thoughts and prayers go out to them, and I hope all of you have a safe and beautiful day - there is something special about standing outside with the warm sun on my face and being happy with what I'm given and making the most of what I have. I don't need more than that. xxa


  1. Your tea towel is worthy of a frame- it's so beautiful.
    Learning to appreciate life more is one of the only good things that come out of such devastating events. That and the beauty of the human spirit- I'm hoping that everyone around the world opens up their hearts and helps out!

  2. oh my goodness, what a talent you love birds have !!! The drawings are amazing, John !! Yes, it does scream "SPRING" !!! :)
    so happy to read L had a fabulous birthday weekend ! xoxo

  3. your writing and your work is beautiful and inspiring:)

  4. i can't wait to buy one on friday ( please put one aside for me)

  5. magic is pervasive:

    not only found at a child's birthday party but the magic found in spring, the magic found in art and the magic found in nature

  6. I saw the tea towel in your magazine and thought it looked amazing! The drawing is truly beautiful especially the nest.

    Thank you for the magazine, it's layout is lovely, yummy recipes and great photos.

  7. i am loving that new tea towel. but it would be one of those i'd hang up rather than use - i would be so sad to stain it otherwise.

  8. It is a work of art, very lovely.

  9. Really, truly lovely.

  10. you both did a beautiful job
    got a couple today
    one is for me and the other a gift for my mum
    I agree it would be beautiful as a wall hanging

  11. Arounna, John's drawings are so great. The lines, the details.... awesome. Here we are close to autumn and this images make me think of autumn too. :-)

  12. great job! I really enjoy the way the nest came out!


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