when I take a break from sewing and printing I like to knit and crochet - I've been doing both since I was 7 years old, I wish I could spend more time doing it. I find it relaxing - not sure if it would be relaxing if I had to make a living from it. I was asked to do a few custom pillows - I think I will make more. hope your week is going well - I've been super productive since lil p has gotten over her cold - she's less miserable and super sweet - playing and exploring. her favourite thing to do these days is to kiss me gently on my nose and say "nos" afterwards.


  1. hi arounna,
    i love crotchet, too.:))
    and like your pillow with the hedgehog. i think, hedgehogs are especial.
    have a nice day,

  2. p.s.: and i like your natural dyeing, too. looks interesting. i think, because of the dyeing, the fabric is telling a little, own story by himself..:)

  3. not sure i would find it relaxing if i had to make a living from it either , ha
    the pillows look great
    fun to think about resting one's head on a porcupine!!!
    lil p is the sweetest :)

  4. lovely! we are just learning crochet my, little Louise (age near 10...) and I, we love to learn it together, what a relaxing activity as you say...

  5. Just a little message as i pass by to let you know that it is such a pleasure reading you. I am really enjoying following your experiments and seeing your creative projects.
    I wish you all the best to follow.
    I will stay around...
    Windy thoughts from Ireland.

  6. knit and crochet are two things I absolutely don't know how to do ! ;-)
    So very happy P is back to herself, now it's my eldest's turn to be ill again & at home. Blugh.
    Hoping you can all stay healthy & as productive & happy as ever. oxox

  7. The cushions are lovely, they make a great pair, red and green. The hedgehog looks especially happy in red.
    I like crochet too, keeping my hands busy relaxes but too much hurts my wrist, so there's no making a living from it!

  8. I think knitting and crocheting is relaxing too
    love the new pillows
    will you have them in the shop?


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