there was a nice calm yesterday - a nice change from all the busyness around here. we went on a cold walk and enjoyed lattes. ll stayed home with a bit of a cold - my little guy has been getting sick so often since he started jk - I guess that's how they build their immune system. when we got home we all slowly tidied up - p did some watercolour painting that I thought was quite nice - it would be a lovely digital print. she is starting to grow some hair and I'm desperate to play with it - we looked for a hair brush at kolkid, but they only had nice ones for babies. I was excited that her hair could hold a little hair clip. the lovely animal votives are in the shop - made by katherine morley (one of the capacity curators).


  1. so cute little hair trying to live their own life ...

  2. i have a package of adorable vintage hair clips, I should dig out for piper.
    She is the sweetest.

  3. p is so adorable
    I love the first photo
    it looks so crisp and clean

  4. Piper is so cute!
    Take care and rest. :-)

  5. I was like piper, with very little hair. I still have very little hair. Thin anyways!
    animal votives are so nicely made!


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