thank you everyone for your very kind words - it warmed me up. your comments are so appreciated.
here are pictures of the oblong gusset pouches that I did for laywines a lovely shop in yorkville that specializes in fountain pens. I still have letterpress cards to print - so they won't be there just yet. I will also make these style pouches for myself - and if you like them maybe I will post some on the etsy shop. john and I snuck away for a couple of hours (thanks allyson for babysitting) - to have a nice dinner with barbara and art at apalla a very enjoyable indian restaurant on queen west. it was so nice to have a few hours to ourselves and I think it helped us recharge our parent batteries.
have you noticed any changes to my photographs - for a few weeks I have been enjoying the nikon d90 - I use to have a d60 (it's in a good home now) - I originally decided to make the switch because of the video option - I find there is also a difference in picture taking. I am not the world's best photographer, but I have to tell you - I applied to ryerson for their photography program and had missed my interview (not on purpose) and decided I wanted to try all the other visual arts instead of concentrating on just photography and went to ocad- hmmm what would of happened. I often think about paths we take and if we went a different way - what would we end up doing. there are elements of photography I still linger about - the atmosphere and the stories - the formal elements on one side and the narrative elements on the other. you must watch michelangelo antonioni's blow up based on julio cortazar's story - using elements of photography to make suggestions that are not fully answered - you are left to fill in the gaps.


  1. filling in the gaps in this montage would be delightful
    i have noticed a change in the quality of light , at least when the sun is out, as spring approaches. Your photographs are really great but as I always say subject and the eye of the person behind the camera is everything!!!
    i would buy some of those new styled pouches. They would be perfect for a few crochet hooks and thread.

  2. it was a really nice night (like NY and Montreal)
    H b-day, John and Art
    I love the pouches, they look so sturdy and serious
    Paths: serendipity; how would you ever know? But to me, there's always a reason why a certain direction is chosen.

  3. would the new pouches fit pencils and pens? they are really quite cute! thanks

  4. hi kay
    yes the pouches would be a great size for pens and pencils and crochet hooks (margie)
    I have also used them for glasses

  5. beautiful photos
    beautiful pouches
    so glad you had a chance to sneak away

  6. Hi Arounna,

    Lance from HG just wanted to let you know that he loved the Knife story of you and your dad.
    Always enjoying to hear what you're doing.
    Have a great weekend with those lovely little people in the photos.


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