here are the results of the natural dyeing done over the weekend. at the trunk show I was chatting with julie and karyn and they mentioned that they were thinking of doing a natural dye advance class with colour mixing (fingers crossed). the pile of fabric colours is organic cotton voile scarves -there is a shimmer to them that I really like. the blotchy piece is on my organic linen canvas - this piece was at the bottom of the pot and I kinda forgot about it and what a surprise it was when it dried. I was going to make a tote bag from it, but the piece would make only two totes and I thought if I made pouches more people can enjoy the pattern. I agree with barbara the logwood would be my favourite as well. I will have to ask margie to remind me what was in the pot on the left. up next - I will show you what I make with the fabric.


  1. you have achieved really lovely colors ! specially given that cotton & linen are harder to dye. All these hues are so springy & feminine ! Can't wait to see how you'll use them all ! :) xoxo

  2. they turned out so well...
    what we could have done had there been more stoves!!

  3. Beautiful tones!
    Looking forward to see what will come out of it...
    Hope you are having great fun with it.

  4. These turned out beautifully! I'd love to try natural dye one day.

  5. Lovely soft colors on the fabric. Julie makes lovely hats and Karyn has some nice books at the store, thanks for the links, truly inspiring.

  6. beautiful colours
    you should do a tutorial on natural dyeing
    I would love it!

  7. i love the selvedge :)
    the pot on the back left was alkanet and I think that might be where your piece shown above was in not the logwood but I could be wrong
    it was the one I had to dissolve the dyestuff in alcohol first before mixing with water
    I think we did an amazing job with our little bit of practical knowledge
    I am getting lots of queries about how to do all this and I think julie and karyn should consider an e course

  8. Looks like fun ... ecourse ... sign me up! My favorite ... the last one, love the blotchiness of the linen. I just had that happen to some of mine and loved the result.

  9. the colours are so amazing - soft but somehow rich at the same time. i wish i lived near you and margie so that i could join in on the dyeing; guess i will have to do my own experiments out here.

  10. Wow, just found your blog, how did you create the blotches? it looks really nice, was this a natural dye or indigo dye?


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