my day started with seeing my photo with marie on the left and shaun and julie from MADE - beside me jerry from R.A.D. and I am at the end looking annoyed. the day was spent with my brother helping me with cutting - a view of where I sat sewing all day - the feather tea towel is a gift from nikole. there were extra tickets for the IDS opening party so john and I decided to go (thanks d & a for the last minute babysitting duties) - which is usually a good time to visit the show - not only is the place filled with all kinds of design, but a lot of great restaurants have kiosks and hand out all kinds of yummy things and alcohol like you wouldn't believe. I'm not a drinker and there wasn't much non-alcohol except for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks. so you get to wander around and look at objects and have nibbles on hand. I took a few photos (images above) there was one thing that stood out to me and I was so enamoured that I didn't take a photo, but it was a concept piece done by nienkemper. I have always been impressed with this shop even before john and I lived on king street east (in toronto it's a street known for a lot of furniture and home decor shops) - nienkemper paved the way in this neighbourhood since they opened shop more than thirty years ago. I was impressed, because this company is family owned and runned, they kept their production local and have been around since the 60's. I'd like to think that our little company could have the same longevity. sometimes when I go to these shows I feel a bit deflated, because even though we both work so hard, there's still so much to do.


  1. i picked up NOW at the library last night when taking out a few books about mexico. I smiled so widely when I saw your picture.
    Muskoka looks so amazing in the wintertime. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. They don't seem to have NOW at our library ;)
    You don't look annoyed to me, fun picture.

    Are those chocolate brownies in that picture near the bottom? Yum!

    I have no doubt you and John will be around with continued success in thirty years time too (and so will all your fine products).

  3. thanks margie

    joanie - your the sweetest
    yes - they were the most delicious brownies.
    have a great weekend to both of you

  4. that looks like a fun event to attend
    I feel your work is timeless and not trendy and I think you will be around for a long time

    I think the photo looks good
    no - you don't look annoyed.


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