photo courtesy of margie oomen
oh my such nice responses on the last post. I will need to organize myself- and get ready - thanks for offering to help - margie your too funny. I wanted to let you know we are having an ornament group show that starts this week - I want to have an opening and it will be next weekend. it's a bit crazy with the one of a kind show. it is getting colder out each day. I think there might be snow around the corner. hope you all have a productive thursday!


  1. IF ONLY I could come !! arrrgh ! this makes me so angry to live so far away from you, girls !
    (and ok ok, Margie, I WILL play the lottery when I come !)
    enjoy the show for me please. It's going to be so great ! :)

  2. This sounds awesome! I think this will be the perfect opportunity for my first visit to the store! {aliza}

  3. looking forward to the ornament delivery tomorrow.
    is there anything else I can bring for you?

  4. guess I should get my stuff over to you at least before the opening...can I bring some goodies too?

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    I wrote a few words about it on mine.


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