I wanted to put the sale up today - but I won't be able to post it till later today - it will be up sometime tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow - I hope you will come by and say "hi" we will have the ornament opening from 2-5pm - come have some cider and cookies and make some letterpress gift tags. it gets dark so quickly these days and in the late afternoon we have all the lights on in the shop - it's so lovely (I know it's looking a bit sparse - I am frantically making to fill it back up). I am still putting together wholesale orders - I feel like I have a large clock behind be ticking loudly. the other picture is a commission that john has to build an ark. the child getting it - is pretty darn lucky.
have a beautiful weekend and hope to see you back for the sale.


  1. so nice to see your shop, I feel like I know it very well now! I hope one day I could come and see this so beautiful place and people....

  2. I'm also happy to see your home, all lit up, it looks wonderful ! Can't wait to walk in properly :)
    can't wait to see your shop sale !!

  3. the store looks SO cozy arounna! the ornaments look really sweet on the right!

  4. Oooh how I wish I could come! I guess I need to be patient and wait till I'm in Toronto over Christmas.

    Have a lovely ornament event.

  5. your shop looks beautiful at night
    one day I will need to make a trip to Toronto to visit you.

    enjoy your weekend and sell lots!

  6. it looks wonderful arounna
    and the idea of john building an ark
    is the most amazing thing I have heard.
    Does he do canoes??

  7. What a great idea: the arc?
    Are your stuffies going to fill it 2 by 2?
    I will see you tomorrow

  8. It all looks so gorgeous! I love the sound of the ark.

  9. the shop looks really lovely.

  10. Your store is beautiful! I would love to visit oneday..
    Hope you are having wonderful weekend!

  11. Your work and shop are really beautiful, i really I wish I could come by and see all up close....

  12. I love the look of your shop - wish I didn't live across the sea, so that I could visit it.


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