hope everyone enjoyed their weekend - a BIG thank you! to all of you who came by my booth - I'm sorry if I missed some of you - you must of seen either davis or john. we had such a successful show - we manage to sell more than last year - this is all because of your support of our little family business - I have ideas for changing the booth next year and thinking about my production methods to be more efficient and to not run out of items. there is no rest for me. I have one last class tomorrow morning and I have to get all my marking done. and catching up on all my wholesale orders - I am also going to pick up my industrial sewing machine and a few other special things that I will show you later. after our morning of errands are done the four of us will spend some much needed r+r together. before I leave you today. I must tell you about my dear friend margie - a lot of you know her work and from her blog resurrection fern. our friendship started when margie attended one of my workshops - margie is the kind of person who's heart is so big and bright that when your around her it envelops you. I caught up with margie a few days ago at the ooak show and she gave us the most beautiful presents. handmade is the best and magie is the BEST! - many many thank yous! I love my sweet embroidery.
enjoy your day my friends and I will bring you more news in the week -xxa


  1. congratulations! I wish I was there...perhaps one day!

  2. So very happy for you that the show went so well, I really wish I could have come. (but I'm repeating, I know)
    I can only but second with all my heart what you said about our dear Margie. The sparrow embroidery is breathtaking, and the hankie she chose to embroider it is just so darling.
    Good luck for everything you have to accomplish this week. I hope you'll find the proper time to rest ASAP.

  3. Congratulations on the show's success! I'm looking forward to being in the GTA at Christmas so I can visit your wonderful shop in person (I love my calender tea-towel by the way!)

    Margie's embroidery is SO beautiful!!! Love your darling little sparrow.

  4. So great to finally meet you! Thanks for the chat and I know my mom will love her calendar...


  5. Another show down, one more to go.
    I was sure you were madly running about on errands today.
    Margie, your embroidery is so wonderful. Such pleasure in looking at all your neat stitching!

  6. What sweet surprises. Margie is a real gem, what wonderful thoughtful gifts, she gives and teaches so much.
    And speaking of wonderful gifts, I already received my bookhou tea cozy, it was in the post today. I don't know how you manage to do all this posting and shows and making. Are you sure you're not hiding some extra hands somewhere ?

    I hope you're going to have a nice break over Christmas. Congratulations on the success of the shows and thank you for the cozy, it's too pretty to stash in a cupboard, I'm trying to find a display place.

  7. so glad the show was a success
    I wish I was closer to visit, margie seems like a dear from her blog, that embroidery is stunning.

  8. Lovely little girl and hanky!


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