hi everyone,hope you had a wonderful weekend like I did - we had a great turnout on saturday - lots of people enjoyed cider and cookies as well making gift tags on our beloved press. I said to john we should always have cider and cookies in the store for our customers. thanks to margie and barbara for making the opening and barbara's banana bread was a hit. our etsy online shop sale that started saturday was a big hit - a huge thank you to all of your for support! we wouldn't be here without all of you.this week is busy for me - the folded tea towels are starting to pile up - I have one more craft show in montreal before I can rest. I am taking a 5am train on friday (I am not a morning person - I repeat, I am not a morning person) this one will be a challenge - I will definitely be sleeping on the train. on thursday I will be going to Sheridan College to be at the third year textile students critique. I'm looking forward to seeing their work. above is also a little fabric branch I tried to make - I thought it would be fun to go back to my roots and make soft sculptures, but I thought it would be fun to replicate natural objects rather than make abstract pod things (wait a minute - pod things are still from nature - you know what I mean) okay off to do more sewing.
enjoy your day! xxa


  1. i am in love with that branch
    your fabrics suit nature based softies so perfectly
    it is like an olive branch
    all you need is a dove now
    you already have the makings of an ark
    and put a beard and robe on liam and you have moses
    I am so happy we dropped in on saturday.

  2. oh dear you are so so busy
    anything you make looks wonderful, anyway
    good luck for the morning trip, I'm not a morning person anymore (since my boys were born) so I feel your pain !
    Margie : olive .... olive ...... :)
    good week to you both & all, too

  3. it was really good to see you Arounna! I love visiting you! We put up our tiny tiny tree, and the cat ball ornament looks very funny on it (it looks so big!). I loved the show, thank you for having it!

  4. those students are really lucky to have your insight!

    i just finished the con-ed course at sheridan and i'm craving more. i'm contemplating a course at the cambridge art gallery on experimental printmaking come spring.

  5. your store is lovely. The cookies and cider were delicious, especially the cookies your son made - so gingery and crispy, i wish i had taken more than one. I gave the tree shaped orniment (the one that smells like spices) to my mom, and she was so excited to hang it on the tree. Thank you for making my weekend so wonderful. :)


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