during my break I was working on my pieces for the capacity show and I was struggling with the patch pieces - I found it hard to alter them - I like them so much the way they are. I started a few days ago to crochet with my coveted habu stash and decided that I would make my objects more sculptural with the textile elements. I really like the fuzzy texture this yarn has - I feel that my crochet needle is so large since I'm use to crocheting with a needle.
the brick and mortar shop will be open next week - to be honest the shop is a bit empty. sorry to disappoint anyone visiting. we will be spending the coming weeks preparing for the capacity show. the entire store will be emptied out for this show. It's going to be an amazing transformation. when we opened the store a few years ago we put the display furniture in haste and when we put the store back together john will be building some custom pieces that will better organize and display the work. I remember how far we come from our humble studio on howland ave in the annex - the space was so tiny and had white carpeting all over. I remember telling the landlord that we would only move in if we were allowed to rip out the carpeting - I could never work in a space that had the pressure of keeping the floor clean. we had used our living room as our studio and the kitchen was the size of a closet, and john clamp his tables on the walls and there wasn't much entertaining going on in this small space. soon after we decided to get a studio at the distillery district in the case goods building. I will need to hunt for some photos of that apartment studio.


  1. I was just declaring my love for habu the other day. Their yarn is a source of so much inspiration.

  2. i recognize that crown jar:)
    i love habu too
    i am thinking of a NYC trip this spring to include a trip to habu and to take in the spiderman musical.

  3. Love the Habu yarn - what you are making looks like a little cocoon for a butterfly or moth.

  4. I find myself commenting not on the habu, but the evolving of the photography.


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