my two boys co-operating and modeling for me. two new scarves. the red one is a similar design that I did a few years ago - but for this one I thought I would go with a large print of the hare. lliam looks so much like john in these photos. the second one is a wool scarf that was woven in italy. I normally don't like wool around my neck, but this one is quite comfortable. available in the b.a.h. shop.
come back tomorrow for a giveaway!


  1. Awww, that bunny is adorable, your sweet boy is too!

  2. i love it when they co-operate.
    the scarves are a great idea, especially with the large rabbit: looks like an Arctic hare

  3. beautiful scarves
    I love the tactile quality of the blue scarf
    and the large hare was a nice idea

  4. Liam looks so sweet with the bunny scarf. I like the bits of yellow and green in the blue one.

  5. the hare on red is fantastic
    have you ever printed your designs on plaid wool
    that would be so canadian:)

  6. Margie is right, the result on plaid wool would look amazing too !
    I'm loving both scarves, but your son stole my heart the most :) xoxo


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