hope you all had a nice weekend - if you could believe it - I saw snow yesterday. both children did not want to co-operate in dressing warm for trick or treating (because it meant some of the costume would be covered) so there was a lot of negotiating. it's interesting how piper fully understands things you say even if she doesn't speak in full sentences. we had a wonderful time seeing all the houses that enjoy halloween - lliam isn't a fan of witches and skeletons. thanks again for all the nice words about his costume. I was so hoping the window scarves would be ready, but they are not. so I thought I would launch the third e d i t i o n s piece - a 2 x 2 in. rubber stamp with my original design. when it arrived I think I stamped every possible surface and in different ink colours. I love this stamp and know that you will enjoy it for your gift tags. they will be available for pre-order today and will ship out one week from the day of your order. they will sell for $25 including shipping. I will have it up on the b.a.h. etsy shop at 12:00pm o'clock EST - please check back - there will only be 30 in this close edition.
I hope you love it as much as I do.


  1. because everyone needs a little bookhou in their gift giving.

  2. a nice idea for your drawings
    will be back to check it out

  3. A lovely stamp, perfect in time for the holidays too! I can't believe you saw snow! We're finally enjoying our indian summer here in SF, in November!

  4. Your stamp is gorgeous! I love the design and I'm not surprised you stamped it on everything! I would have too :)


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