when I go to a restaurant with my kids I for some reason forget to bring things to entertain them with - I remember one time john and I was sitting in a restaurant and this mom was beside us and she pulled out this bag filled with toys and snacks and paper and crayons and we both looked at each other feeling like we were so ill prepared. recently we went for lunch at the lakeview and the kids were squirmy and I was scrambling looking for something in my bag and all I found was a pack of small oragami paper - I was so proud of myself for having something to entertain them with - we all sat around happily folding objects....hmmm that lasted for all of five minutes.


  1. those were the days
    always travelled with paper, crayons, a pack of cards and lots of hankies. My favorite thing was turning hankies into little soft animals. Their favorites were the bunnies.

  2. that's amazing, Margie: bunnies. we had a friend once who made mice out of kleenex. not only were the kids amazed; we were too.

  3. knowing me I would probably would be the same way

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