one of the things I keep saying to myself is that I wish I brought more fabric to my natural dyeing workshop (margie let me know when your up for a dyeing party). I will be using these pieces for my sculptural work - the tones fit nicely. It was so nice to find a cheque for the sale of a salt sculpture in my mailbox from galerie st. laurent + hill (an Ottawa gallery that has been with me from the start) - they were also responsible for my work being purchased by the City of Ottawa.


  1. so nice colors, I have been doing such a workshop here in the Pyrenees, dying with plants (as I work with plants) and I enjoyed it very much... I love to read your news every morning here, for the beginning of my day! Thanks always!

  2. what an eye candy for me too, Arounna. Can we plan a dyeing party next July ? ;-)
    yay for the salt sculpture :D so happy for you. Much deserved.

  3. of course we can have a dyeing party
    my place or yours????
    and by july when sonia visits we will be experts, right?

  4. oh, how I LOVE the colors you dyed them! can't wait to see the final pieces!!!

  5. lovely colours, I like the specs in the fabric.
    congratulations on selling one of your sculptures, I can't wait to see the pieces you make from these.

  6. The colors are absolutely exquisite. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  7. i'm excited to see what these lovely dyed pieces of fabric turn into!!


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