the next e d i t i o n s will soon be ready - here is a peek with little piper modeling. she makes me smile so big - she is so adorable! It's nice to see the positive response to this series of work -no.2 is a scarf of my photograph that was digitally printed on a light weight cotton lawn fabric. I will have them available next week - there will only be 12 in this e d i t i o n. I have had emails regarding my workshops - I am taking a break from doing workshops with increase in demand from retailers, online sales and projects like the e d i t i o n s and new ceramics plus teaching at OCAD - I felt I had to cut back. for silkscreening in toronto I highly recommend the workshops at Harbourfront Centre Textiles studio. at this time I can't recommend a place to do letterpress workshops - I know there is lots of studios in the city, but I only want to recommend a place I have experienced myself - since I was a textile resident at Harbourfront for two years I know that it would be a great place to learn textile printing.
have an awesome weekend my friends!


  1. oh me oh my what a cutie !! She clearly makes me think of my one & only niece, who just turned one, but they have the same lips & look :) Both, so adorable !
    printing your photo on cotton lawn ? wow this sounds amazing & the result is just as amazing !
    good luck for the rest of your week & then have a lovely weekend with your loved ones xoxo

  2. Lo-ve-ly, just lo-ve-ly!

  3. I drop by your store everytime I am in the dundas and bathurst area, and my breath is always taken away. Your work is stunning.
    And although I am sad to hear you are taking a break from doing workshops (I have taken a printing class on paper at open studio, and would love to move to fabric - thank sfor the harbourfront recommendation), I am glad to hear that you will be working on more projects and that you have are experincing an increase sales. Your work is beautiful, and it deserves to be seen!

  4. piper is beautiful, and so is the scarf:)

    i took the silkscreen class at harbourfront last fall, and luckily for me, i had the pleasure to have the amazing amanda mccavour teach me.
    it was a great experience, and i highly recommend it to everyone.

  5. this scarf is so beautiful
    it almost looks like a charcoal drawing
    and your little piper is adorable!!!
    have a beautiful weekend and thanks inspiring me each day.

  6. It turned out great, Arounna. And I see you didn't have to bribe Piper with food this time to pose for you.

  7. can i order one with the adorable model still wearing it:)

  8. Oh Arunna . . . those photos of Piper just took my breath away. Thank you for sharing them. And the scarf is a wonderful piece.

  9. tell piper I say hello! she is really adorable!
    beautiful beautiful scarf arounna! i love the soft shades of grey.

  10. thanks so much everyone - I appreciate the feedback!


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