I got an email from a new online magazine name covet garden with a couple of bookhou sitings. the magazine has great photos and a nice layout. how wonderful are the paper flowers above the crib. have a look.


  1. So nice to hear you had a good trip to Montreal and that it was a success.
    What a beautiful photo, I will go have a look.

  2. i think i would like to sleep in that crib:)

  3. I love your alphabet!!

    I want that paper ball arrangement over my baby crib one day!! It is stunning!!!!!

  4. your alphabet goes so well in this very pretty baby room ! Love the wooden shelf too, brilliant.

  5. The paper flowers are very very pretty and while I'm usually not a big fan of alphabets on walls, I really like it in this room. :)

  6. Where did you find all of the paper flowers/lanterns? I've been looking all over for a variety of shapes and sizes and can't seem to find what I want - these are wonderful!


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