yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind with little piper being sick - it's hard to believe that someone so little can vomit so much. it was quickly dealt with and she was in good spirits considering her extra hot body. she is feeling better now and life is back to usual. I recently purchased a boxcar base and I couldn't be happier. I like the precision of the object and find the grid very useful for registration - you can also purchase the plates from them, but I get mine done locally - it's cheaper and much faster. basically you use there base to mount your polymer plate - the plate has a flexible back that adheres with two sided tape. I found the printing quality rather good and like that my plates didn't have a base - makes storage much easier. your plates can be used repeatedly - if the tape wears off or gets dirty you can put new tape on. the thank you image is a new design that was inspired by these business cards I printed. I really like how the text is raised. I love the tactility of letterpress printing.


  1. love the new card - the solid red is so crisp! also, the yard is looking lovely.


  2. Oh I love this print, so simple and clean
    the photo makes the paper look so tactile.

  3. oh no, sorry Arounna that Piper got so sick yesterday. It's not easy seeing them feeling so bad. Happy to read she's on the mend now.

  4. Poor Piper. Poor you guys too. Was it just the heat?
    I think that box thing is a great addition to your letterpress accessories: brilliant

  5. so sorry about piper
    the change of season viruses are on the rise
    and the kids haven't even gotten back to school yet


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