sorting through my remnants - I make my little pouches and tissue holders from all my remnants. I try to not waste any fabric - also linen is too pretty to discard. a little sneak peek at a new animal that john just finished drawing. this porcupine will appear on our onesies and softies. today will be crunch day - I have to finish all my work before I leave for montreal. john will be around so the shop will be open as per usual.


  1. ohh the porcupine looks like it will be a cute print
    I like your little piles of printed fabric, good luck with finishing everything before your trip.

  2. i would love to search through your remnant bags:)
    the porcupine is fantastic john!!

  3. what pretty remnants...i love it.

  4. I have the same thing about remnants, I have to save them all. I bet yours are incredible. Hmmm, a giant remnant swap with textile artists, wouldn't that be wonderful?


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