photos from the workroom
dreaming up wonderful things I will make in the natural dyeing workshop I am taking at the workroom next week with margie. can't wait.


  1. am I allowed to say how much I am ..... JEALOUS !!!!
    ahah, no, seriously, I really really wish I could be with you, girls ! I bet you will have a memorable time !

  2. Have a great time.
    say hi to Margie for me.
    can hardly wait to see what you come up with

  3. I hope you will take process shots
    I don't know anything about natural dyeing
    look forward to seeing what you do

  4. You lucky thing! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  5. ah - it is so much fun! I am experimenting with the walnuts from our yard, trying to keep them away from the hoards of squirrels.

  6. i totally know what roisin is talking about having a huge gang of nut robbers in my yard as well.
    I am so excited about hanging out and dyeing with you next week.


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