I have been working on several new prints for the aprons - will show you more if I can convince john to model for me again. below is some images of salt sculptures that I did for a show I had at Prime Gallery awhile back. at the time salt was one of my favourite mediums to use - I use to make ceramic sculptures and the salt effect reminded me of egyptian paste. will the salt sculptures ever make it's way back into my work? hard to say - it was the most time consuming things I've ever made.


  1. These salt sculptures look great. I like the texture and the way they interact with light. I would be interested to find out more about the process of making these.

  2. I agree with P. I'd love to know how you made these! I work with ceramics and I've never heard of salt sculptures. They almost look like they are made of fiber pulp.

  3. these are really beautiful

  4. salt sculptures ? oh my, wow. This leaves me speachless, totally ! Your talent & creativity never ceases to amaze me !!


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