I forgot to post a photo of lliam walking to school - the expression on his face is - I'm really excited face - piper did not want to leave as you can see her intently staring at all the other children.
I hope they will both be best friends forever.


  1. They are gorgeous!
    I have a boy who's 12 and a girl who is nearly 9 and they've always been close, hope they always will be.
    Yours look like they are too.

  2. these two photos make my heart melt
    oh yes I'm sure they will be best friends, and forever ! :)

  3. your wee ones are so beautiful
    they look like a good pair - I am sure they will be best friends forever.

  4. Such a beautiful capture and lovely sentiment.

  5. Hi Arounna,
    Liliam and Piper is one of the reson that I like to keep checking your blog!!I LOVE the little laser cut piece,totally blow me away~



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