gearing up for craft shows and I find myself looking at a lot of piles - there is a certain kind of beauty in the fabric piles - the layers and colours and the frayed edges. my really long days allows me to get a lot done as well I am really organized and I have a great husband who picks up my slack. when I tell people we make everything ourselves they either think we are awesome or that we are nuts.


  1. yes, I also do think there is beauty in a pile of fabric, fraying, layering, like you said. Maybe because there are many around me !
    I hope you had much fun with Margie yesterday ! xoxo

  2. Both, nuts and AWSOME!! :)

  3. I have to agree with Darija, you're both!

  4. It's unanimous - you're awesome nuts. xx

  5. thanks everyone - too funny.
    yes - sonia we had a fun time
    will post some pics from the class soon.

  6. i will personally vouch for your super awesomeness
    the nuts were in your sac:)

  7. I'm new to reading your blog and I think it's awesome that you do everything yourself.
    maybe a little nuts :) too.

  8. good luck with the power work for the show.
    I'm surprised you didn't photograph the larger piles

  9. geez.... I have my own pile to sew and I'm almost done! GET SEWING!

  10. But do you save the remnant threads ...? That's true nuttiness. I have piles of them that I hope to put in one of my art pieces one day. They're such beautiful colors!

  11. beautiful. the raw, frayed edges and the colours that happen from stacking piles of assorted fabric - rather than the co-ordinated colours of one project, you get the colours and threads of several.
    awesome + nuts for sure, though i think the awesomeness is a much much higher %.
    enjoy your working. (i've got a big market coming up too that i'm working towards, so i've my own wonderful piles).

    love your blog and your work. thanks.

  12. fabric piles are a beautiful thing. lovely photo too


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