while working on wholesale orders - I managed to squeeze in prototyping of a new apron. I made aprons 7 years ago and never manage to get back to making them - not sure why. I made a cafe style apron for now. I don't think I will make a full apron. thanks john for being a good model. later I will post more designs as well as when they are available. ~Have a lovely day~


  1. I love this prototype.. it seems to be natural linen, no ? I love the color of the trees, not really blue, not really green, my favorite colours...

  2. john models this wonderful apron so well

  3. Did you see the post they did at Remodelista yesterday?
    I was SO excited to see your beautiful work there :)

  4. yes geninne - thanks for letting me know - we are swamped with emails and orders from that post.

  5. Beautiful! Funny, I wore the only apron I've ever made tonight, with the same linen. It just gets softer and softer with age. I'm sure these will be a big hit. Congrats on your remodelista post!


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