we had a busy weekend shipping out orders from the remodelista post - thanks so much for everyone who supported us by buying pillows and tea towels - even though I am probably having one of my busiest years I wouldn't change it - I am so grateful to all the kind folks that come into our brick and mortar shop - friends from all over the world buying online and for all the great retailers for carrying our wares in their shop - we are truly lucky. A HUGE THANK YOU to start your week with. above is our new print called triangle flowers - I am very pleased with how this print turned out. I hope you like it too.


  1. Oh yes!!! Once again, this print is fantastic!

  2. ohhh so delicate (hope the sense of this word is the one I wanted to write in French...) I love it.

  3. oh, this is a new favorite of mine. So simple and light, still intriguing!


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