remembering lily
I received sad news that lily yung passed away while battling cancer. all my condolences to her family and all who knew her.
I first met lily eight years ago at the toronto outdoor art exhibition - where she commissioned me to make her one of my salt sculptures - when it was completed I delivered it to her home. I traveled on bus to a part of toronto I didn't frequent often (dupont and lansdowne area) - to her beautiful loft studio. we spent time chatting about art, life and business over a cup of tea. we became quick friends - as anyone who knows lily - you are immediately taken by her creative talent and strong will. I got to know lily further in the 2 1/2 years that we were neighbours on dupont street and it was always great to have someone you admire to constantly share and bounce ideas off. we had both decided to sell our lofts at the same time. I was at the time 5 months pregnant and john and I wanted to make our dreams come true in having a storefront. lily also decided to sell at that time. it was sad watching her clean up all her amazing treasures and selling them at our weekend sale. we didn't see lily much after we moved - we were busy with renovations and she with her new apartment and busy trying to get well.
I will miss you lily.


  1. too much sad news today
    i didn't know her or her work but from reading about her and seeing her portfolio I wish I had


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