typeface hope everyone enjoyed their weekend - here in toronto it rained and rained and rained some more. the winner for the giveaway is no. 14 Celine - congrats! - send me an email and we can talk about what you would like printed on your note cards. a huge thank you to everyone who visited the bookhou at home shop and bought things. I appreciate your support. john spent the weekend letterpress printing and while he was taking a break - I saw these on the table - they put a smile on my face - according to him - "it is primordial to see faces in things - in chaos such as linoleum tiles in your kitchen - I think it's part of our survival instinct to recognize faces and patterns. On a related note to that - to be able to make faces out of odds and ends is also pretty natural, so here are some faces".


  1. john has so much wisdom to instill
    love the typographic faces!!
    and congratulations to celine

  2. hee hee so funny
    I like the exclamation mark as the tie?

  3. HAY!
    your blog is rather fancy!
    I enjoy the snap shots and lovely finds!
    x o x

  4. I love seeing faces in things, and these are fabulous!


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