hi there - hope you had a nice weekend. I spent the weekend sewing and john was busy in the backyard building our deck. When we bought this building three years ago - the backyard was low on the priority list - it is the last week of summer and john is finally almost done. my brother and brother-in-law came by today and they took john to buy some plants - will show you pics later. labour day weekend is our wedding anniversary and we will have a celebration outdoors. I think it's funny that lliam took the opportunity to use the pea gravel as an adventure land for his favourite dinosaurs.


  1. the backyard is always lowest on priority! It is the same us right now, and I really miss having an outdoor space to eat dinner and do some gardening. But baby steps! Congratulations on getting to that step!
    Our wedding anniversary is labour day weekend too! Sept 6th will be our two years! happy anniversary arounna and john!

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  3. happy anniversary to you and jin this weekend

    ours is on sept. 4th
    I am looking forward to eating and hanging out back there. it's like having another room.

  4. almost as wonderful as having a porch
    congratulations arounna and john
    that will be the perfect spot to celebrate
    are the triceratops invited:)

  5. What perfect timing: to be able to sit outside on such a special time. congrats on both accounts.

  6. oh what a wonderful place you've built here, I bet the children are thrilled !! :)
    guess what ? today is my hubby & I's 11th anniversary :)
    Happy (a bit early) anniversary to you & John !!

  7. hi Sonia,
    that's awesome 11 years
    happy anniversary!!
    here's to many more happy years together.

  8. thank you dearly, Arounna, that's very sweet of you :) oxox

  9. your blog is wonderful, as a canadian artist living in france i love having a little peek into such wonderful canadian esthetics. I am planning a deck for our courtyard (don't see much wood out doors in the south of france) and was wondering what wood you are using for your deck?
    it looks great

  10. hi mme confiture
    we are using cedar - a great outdoor wood and when it weathers it turns a lovely grey. it also has a wonderful smell that bugs don't like.
    thanks for visiting


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